Building Interactive Web Apps Without Javascript


In the realm of web development, JavaScript has long been the go- to language for creating dynamic websites and interactive web pages. However, HTMX(Hypermedia.js) emerges as a compelling alternative, offering a JavaScript free approach to building modern web applications.

What is HTMX

HTMX is a lightweight JavaScript library that empowers developers to create interactive web experiences without writing a single line of JavaScript code. It achieves this by extending HTML with new attributes that enable seamless communication between the browser and the server, allowing for dynamic updates and user interactions without the need for complex JavaScript frameworks.


HTMX offers several advantages over traditional JavaScript based approaches:

Key Features of HTMX

HTMX provides a range of powerful capabilities for building interactive web applications:

Start the HTMX


The core of HTMX is a set of attributes that allow you to issue AJAX requests directly from HTML. These attributes are:

In addition to these basic request-issuing attributes, HTMX also provides a number of other attributes that can be used to control the behavior of AJAX requests, such as:

These attributes make it possible to create very powerful and flexible AJAX applications without writing any JavaScript code.


At Digital Garage, we recognize the transformative potential of HTMX in web development. By harnessing the power of HTMX, we streamline development processes, delivering faster, more maintainable, and SEO-friendly web applications. Join us as we embrace the future of web development with HTMX.